Homage to WIRED

Here at Dub towers we love the magazine WIRED. So much so that it’s almost a pre-requisite to working with us that you read it! For those of you that haven’t experienced it (why not!?) then you should take a look at the online version here, and see for yourself its coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics etc.

When my partner Tom and I joined forces, we probed each others ambitions to confirm that we were on the same line, and it came to light that Tom wanted to be published in WIRED, such is his adoration!

The Guardian have today posted a homage to WIRED magazine by way of a gallery of some of their most inspiring covers. One of the strengths of the publication has always been the manner in which it communicates often techy or dry information in an engaging and palatable way – themselves driving graphic design trends. If you enjoy the Guardian’s gallery then why not create your own WIRED cover here, it’s so much fun and they look great on your office walls (believe me, clients are impressed when they think that their agency has been featured in WIRED!)